A kind way to treat unwanted behaviours. For inital consultation visit and one follow up appointment.


Private one to one session in your own home and/or local park.

£75 per hour.

A positive foundation for dog owners having difficulties with their puppy or new rescue dog.

£55 per hour

Dogs collected, walked and returned safely to your home.

£18 per hour.

6 Week Dog Obedience courses in various locations. Contact Emma directly to learn to be the best owner for your dog.

I will come to stay in your home to care for your dog and continue with their daily routine of exercise and meal times.

£50 per day per dog.

Allow dog a break, either a toilet break in owner's garden, stroll around the block or feed a meal.

£15 per visit

Home visits for dogs only.

£18 per visit.

Double rates will be charges on the following days:-

New Years Eve Whitsun Bank Holiday
New Years Day August Bank Holiday
Good Friday Christmas Eve
Easter Sunday Christmas Day
Easter Monday Boxing Day
May Day Bank Holiday  
walking dog one
walking dog two
walking dog three
walking dog four
walking dog five
walking dog six