Behavioural Assessment

A Dog Behaviourist is very different from a Dog Trainer. As a Behaviourist I investigate the root cause of the dog's problems or behaviour issues.

I will visit you and your dog at home and assess all the presenting unwanted behaviours. I will provide you with skills and the knowledge to:

  • Manage the unwanted behaviours.
  • Give your dog new boundaries.
  • Teach you new skills to handle your dog.

It may be necessary for your dog to undertake a Veterinary Consultation. Many canine behaviours may have underlining medical conditions.

Dogs deserve to enjoy life and need to relax in all surroundings.

A dog needs a stable owner who can provide the following:

  • Consistency of Care.
  • Appropriate level of daily exercise.
  • Correct discipline of obedience.
  • Love and affection for their sense of well being.

We all want what is best for our dogs. Therefore a complete assessment is fundamental to alter a dog's unwanted behaviours. I will support and motivate you throughout the process for you to develop a balanced relationship with your dog.

Some behaviours I have worked with:

Aggression:- Directed to other dogs, lunging at strangers or growling over food.

Hyperactivity:- Jumping up at people, destructive behaviours such as chewing or digging, compulsively spinning, overexcitement.

Anxieties:- Barking, whining, defecting in the home.

Obsessive Behaviours:- Tail chasing, licking paws or legs, shadow chasing.

Phobias:- Fear of thunder, of other dogs.

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